Cookie Policy

  1. Definitions

    A cookie is a file that gets downloaded into your computer, Smartphone, tablet or similar devices after accessing some websites. Cookies allow websites, among other things, to storage and recover information about a user’s, or their devices’, navigation habits and, depending on the recovered information and on the way the device is used, the information can be utilized to identify the user.

    The user’s browser memorizes cookies in the hard disk only during the current session occupying a minimal memory space and not damaging the computer. Cookies do not contain any kind of specific personal information and most of them disappear from the hard disk after the end of the current browser session (those are known as session cookies).

  2. What types of cookies are used in this website?

    Using this web portal implies that the following Cookies might get installed:

    Cookie type Description Use
    Performance These Cookies are used to improve the navigation experience and to optimize our website’s performance. They storage service configurations so you do not have to reconfigure them each time you visit the website. • Optimal video transmission speed
    • Contents adjusted to your navigation habits.
    • Ease to viralize your preferred content.
    • Store purchases in a “Shopping Cart” in the E-commerce Services.
    Geolocation These Cookies are used to storage geolocation data of the used computer, or other devices, to show you more adjusted contents and services. • Contents adjusted to the country, city, language, etc.
    De registro Las Cookies de registro se crean al registrarte o cuando inicias sesión en uno de nuestros portales web. • Puedes mantenerte autenticado aunque cierres el navegador, así cuando vuelvas seguirás identificado a menos que te desconectes o cierres la sesión.
    • Para acceder a ciertas zonas de nuestros portales web, por ejemplo para participar en un concurso.
    Analytic These Cookies storage data of your navigation experience in our web portal in a totally anonymous way. We can count the number of the website’s visitors or the most viewed contents. • We can learn if the user is new on the website or if it is not their first time.
    • This information can help us to improve our service and your navigation.
    De publicidad Estas Cookies recogen información sobre los anuncios mostrados a cada usuario anónimo en los portales web.
    Adaptar la publicidad al tipo de dispositivo desde el que el usuario se está conectando.
    • Proporcionar anuncios gestionados a través de terceros (“Ad-servers”) que son mostrados en la página en tiempo real.
    • Conocer información sobre el resultado de las campañas como el número de clicks, duración, frecuencia de visualización, etc.
    • Ofrecerte publicidad de interés con base en tus hábitos de navegación.
  3. Cookie deactivation

    EThe user can -in any moment- choose which cookies they want to run in this website by changing the browser’s configuration, for example:

    – Chrome, from

    – Microsoft Edge. / Explorer from

    – Mozilla Firefox, from

    – Safari, from

  4. Cookie-policy update

    We may update our Website’s Cookie Policy. Therefore, we suggest you check this policy each time you access our Website to be properly informed of how and for what we use cookies.